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Coaching to help your employees reach their potential.

Coaching to Unleash Your Employees

Are you in a management position, and would like your employees to be more effective, proactive, and engaged? You can make all the difference by directly coaching them. Even if you have never guided someone professionally, you can still do it. According to Ed Batista from Stanford Graduate School of Business, “the past 20 years has been driven by consistent reports from clients who feel more effective and fulfilled as a result of the coaching they’ve received.” He also mentions that “I didn’t need to have all the right answers; I just needed to ask the right questions.” This isn’t telling your staff what to do every step of the way, otherwise, you are keeping them on a leash. And our goal is to help you Unleash them. “Like any new skill, coaching requires practice, and you’ll need to step outside of your comfort zone as you experiment.”


Coaching Your Own Employees

Unleashing Leaders enjoys being an outside source for companies seeking coaching. We can even help point you in the right direction, give you tools, or give examples and ideas on how to reach your internal team or employees. In all honesty, we have found that the most effective way in bringing about change in an organization is for you as a manager to invest this time in your own team. We have all the tools here for you and can help guide you every step of the way. ” Coaching presents every manager with challenges. You may have to reconsider your leadership style and the ways in which you add value. You may feel reluctant to surrender control or to give people room to make mistakes, and you’ll almost certainly be tempted to jump in with solutions when they’re struggling with a problem. But those challenges get easier the more you coach, and the payoff is enormous: You’ll tap your employee’s full potential while leading more strategically.”


What is Coaching?

So, your next question might be, “So what is coaching?” In simplified terms, it is asking questions that help people discover the answers that are right for them. Sometimes it takes just one question to get your mind going and thinking about what your next steps are. Many people misunderstand what coaching can be used for. Instead of using coaching as a “corrective measure for under-performers”, think of it as a way to invest in high potentials or a perk for your star performers. It seems like many managers feel that they don’t have the time to invest in their employees, and I am sure many of you feel this way too. We need to prioritize our employees’ development so that in the long run your team can be Unleashed. Here are some of our tools to help you get started:


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