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Let’s Get Social!

What Social Media Holds For the Future and Business:

We have reached the dawn of the Millennial generation in the workforce, and social media is everywhere! Face to face interaction is less common. Individuals spend an abundance of their time on cell phones rather than those around them. At times our experiences end up being less about being in the moment and more about capturing a moment. Sometimes just in the hopes of sharing “our moment” with the world. So how is this affecting our business?

Social media is now a part of our daily lives, but this can be a good thing. It has allowed us to connect with people all across the world, frequently share stories with loved ones and form dynamic online communities. In fact, social media has even proven to be a huge resource in just about every form of business. Whether we like it or not, the time has come to get on board with social media or fall behind. Given that leaders cannot lead from behind, we at Unleashing Leaders are doubling up on our social media.

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mobile business, leadership, social media, unleashing leaders

Social media can be a great tool for business.

How Social Media Can Benefit You:

If you haven’t already noticed, sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have become tremendous resources for free advertisement. It is one thing to provide commendable service, but another to share that service with the world. Luckily social media gives us an avenue to do this. The trick is not to directly advertise. Instead, share content with followers and clients that promote your brand.

What do I mean by brand? In short, what Unleashing Leaders represents or stands for. By posting and sharing articles or images related to leadership and success, we are representing our brand. Our goal is to build a community of followers, who find our posts helpful and interesting. That way when those followers think of a service such as business consulting, Unleashing Leaders will be on their radar.

Another reason for social media is to create an open dialogue about your product/services with clients and team members. The Unleashing Leaders team are active learners, who are open to suggestions and always seeking feedback. Which is why we now have a review option on our Facebook page, allowing followers to comment and rate our services. We also learn more about our clients, by examining what it is they like or do not like. Finally, our team has formed a new group on LinkedIn to create a more detailed dialogue with our clients and team. There we will discuss how we can continue to improve and provide our services.

Connect With Us:

We care about the work we do on a personal and professional level through consulting, coaching, teaching, and more. This is only the beginning as we continue to build our social network, our brand and make the appropriate connections via social media!

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