We have quietly worked as trusted advisors with tens of thousands of leaders since 1997 in the private and public sectors. We’ve worked across many industries: health care, government, energy, high tech, retail, and manufacturing. We’ve worked with organizations as small as 12 people and as large as 23,000. We’ve worked with CEO’s and Directors, with senior managers and with emerging leaders without any formal authority. We’ve helped start-up entrepreneurs and 150 year old firms.

As diverse as they seem, all our clients have at least ONE thing in common, and it is the ONLY thing that matters to us. We work with the willing. We work with those who are willing to believe MORE in the potential for profound improvement THAN their desire to cling to the outdated sacred beliefs that hold them back. If we find that you believe in your leashes more than your dreams, we’ll politely say no thank you or stop working with you. No offense. Our life is short. We’ll let someone else get to you later.

Below is a sample of our clients. Most of our private sector clients would prefer that they keep us as their little secret. Funny how helping them achieve significant and sustainable competitive advantages will do that. We respect the confidentiality of their identity and specific solutions.

Independent Organizations

  • DST Output
  • Vision Service Plan
  • UC Davis Health Systems (formerly UCD Med Center)
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Sutter Health
  • SMUD
  • Schnitzer Steel
  • Reynolds Metals
  • Capital One
  • esurance
  • State Street
  • Intel
  • HP
  • Cisco
  • Retail Pro
  • Customer Link
  • TJC and Associates

Federal, State and Local Government

  • CA Employment Development Department
  • CA Franchise Tax Board
  • CA Board of Equalization
  • CA State Controllers Office
  • CA Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)
  • CA Health and Human Services Agency
  • CA Dept of Health Care Services
  • CA Dept of Public Health
  • CA Emergency Medical Services Authority
  • CA Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
  • CA Office of System Integration
  • CA Dept of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • CHP
  • CA Dept of General Services
  • Federal Reserve Bank, VA
  • Northern California County Assessors
  • County of Henrico, VA
  • County of Sacramento, CA
  • City of Roseville, CA
  • Golden Valley Charter School
  • Sacramento Waldorf School

Faculty and Trainer for Local Professional Development

  • Sacramento State University ‚College of Continuing Education
  • Leadership for the Government Executive
  • Leadership for the Government Manager
  • Project Management Certificate Program
  • Business Analyst Certificate Program
  • Green Business Operations Certificate Program‚®CHHS Leadership Development Academy
  • Caltrans Leadership Training Program
  • Caltrans Management Training Program
  • Many other custom programs
  • Sacramento State University ‚Executive MBA and Honors Business Program
  • Project Management Institute ‚Sacramento Chapter
  • Project Management Institute ‚Central Valley Chapter
  • International Association of Business Analysis ‚Sacramento Chapter
  • American Society for Training and Development
  • Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy