We provide an integrated suite of services to accelerate the changes you seek. We work with willing teams looking to Clarify their strategic vision, Align their processes and roles with that vision, and Engage their people to fully contribute towards the vision WITHIN limited resources and dynamic public sector constraints.

We use many methods as part of our craft: consulting, coaching, training, speaking, facilitating, and good ol’ fashioned rolling up our sleeves and doing. The principles are always the same. We’re here to remind you of the abundant resources you already possess, give you faster access to those resources, and inspire you to use them more fully and frequently.

Online Training

Unleashing Leaders is excited to now be offering some of our great tools via online training. For more information, or to sign up, please click here.

Organizational Change Management

Our flagship service is providing integrated leadership support through a period of significant organizational change typically associated with large IT system transitions or major merger/acquisitions. This service crosses across all three of the levers in a holistic fashion: Clarify the vision and paths for change, Align the processes AND technology to serve the business goals, and Engage the people to be ready and willing to embrace the changes gracefully.

You may prefer to receive targeted services for specific solutions. Below is a list of our most requested services. They are organized by the OUTCOMES our clients most frequently seek. Our typical approach includes a blend of assessment, analysis, and design of enhanced strategies, processes, and structures to unleash the talent of the team members to more effectively achieve their strategic goals. Everything we do is custom to your context.


To inspire a clear shared vision of where we are and where we will be

  • Strategic Management (Strategic Planning + Dynamic Management)
  • Operational Planning and Management
  • Enterprise and Program Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard, KPIs)
  • Cross-Functional, Performance Based Budgeting
  • Leadership 360 Assessments (LPI, DiSC, custom)
  • Team 360 Assessment (Team Performance Indicator, custom)
  • Multi-stakeholder topic specific facilitation/mediation


To focus our processes and roles on achieving that vision

  • Enterprise and Program level Governance
  • Project/Service Portfolio Management
  • Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
  • Organizational Re-design
  • Agile Project Management Methodologies (Scrum, PMI)
  • Business Analysis Methodologies (IIBA)
  • IT Systems Development Lifecycle Methodologies
  • Analysis of Structure/Process alignment for mergers/divestitures
  • Interim/Transitional Executive support


To ignite our individual and team strengths to achieve it

  • Improving Internal Communications
  • Individual and Team Strengths-based Development
  • Culture Change
  • Executive/Management Team Rehabilitation
  • Talent Management
  • Coach the Coach
  • Developing Emerging Leaders
  • Rehabilitating a Wayward Leader

We can use any of the following methods to design a custom solution to fit your budget.

  • Consulting (Roll-up our sleeves and work side by side)
  • Coaching (one-on-one)
  • Facilitating Workshops and Delivering Training (12 – 25)
  • Leading Large Group Seminars (25 – 500)
  • Delivering Conference Key Notes (100+)

We know that each client and each engagement is unique. As practitioners ourselves, we appreciate consultants who are not dogmatic. We are less concerned with our services and more focused on the nuances of your specific context. Yes, we bring industry best practice disciplines from top schools and experience in world-class private consulting firms. More importantly, our practical backgrounds help us quickly connect and relate to the unique micro-climates of different departmental functions. We are here to blend the relevant theories into practice in an engaging and efficient fashion for you.